Best in Show

Dogs make the world a better place

Chris Robledo

A Best in Show customer tagged us in an Instagram picture he took over the weekend. In it, the customer's dog, a Frenchie puppy named Karl Sagan, was making friends with a little boy as they rode on the Muni underground train. Seeing the photo brought a huge smile to my face. It reminded me of how much joy animals bring to this world. 

It was also a reminder about the special connection between people and dogs, specifically. I get to meet so so many of our customers and their dogs whenever I am in the store. Our customers absolutely adore their dogs because of the unconditional love they receive from them. I could be having the worst day ever, but when a cute puppy dog walks into Best in Show with their human and gives me a lick hello, I instantly feel so much better. It's just the way it works.

Which brings me to this point: Dogs make the world a lot better. If people could love one another as a dog loves a human then I suspect we'd all in a much better place. 

BIS Karl Sagan .jpg